“Desert star” campus.

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A campus for building a new generation of Bedouin leadership includes high school and dwellings for the students and staff. Approx. 30,000 sqm. (First prize incompletion may 2018, Design stage).

The Desert stars mission is building a new generation of Bedouin leadership to transform reality in the Bedouin community. The main idea in the plan is creating a Campus around a central meeting area that connects the different functions and creates different meeting and activity places. The main axis starts at the main entrance square, continues along the avenue and ends at the open amphitheater that overlooks the view.

The main Axis divides the Campus so that the northern part contains the school area and sports, and the southern area is the living area.

The meeting areas where designed inspired by the traditional Bedouin custom of hospitality and hosting, with round sitting areas shaded by trees, surrounding the tea bonfire. The round shape is expressed also in different round buildings such as the Auditorium, and in different skylights.

The Idea is to create a Campus which expresses universal ideas and combines Bedouin cultural elements so that the students would love their new home.

3D images: Studio Bonzai.