Ulrik Plesner ,office founder 1930-2016

Architect Ulrik Plesner 1930-2016 office founder


Ulrik Plesner was a born in Florence, to a Scottish painter and a Danish historian. He grew up in Denmark and Scotland. His father has died in a young age. Since that, his stepfather was modernist Danish architect Kaare Klint.

Ulrik graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. After graduating, he took part in an international competition for a monument of Buddha. This competition led him to reside in Sri Lanka for 16 years. Along these years, with his partner architect Geoffrey Bawa, Ulrik was responsible for planning multiple projects: public structures, hotels, schools, private residences and nation-sized urban planning financed by the World Bank.

In the late sixties, Ulrik moved to London and worked for Arup’s. five years later, Ulrik left his job as a team leader in the British firm, came to Israel and founded Plesner Architects. Between 1974-1975 Ulrik officiated the role of Jerusalem’s city architect.

During the mid-90s, Ulrik’s daughters Daniella and Maya Plesner joined the office and relocated it to Tel Aviv in 2000. Ever since the office took part in a variety of projects: Ariel Sharon Park, public structures such as Daniel Rowing Centre, Bet Gabriel next to the sea of Galilee, private residences such as the Pagoda House and many more.