The Ayalon Park – Regional Plan, Tel-Aviv Metropolitan

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The Ayalon Park – Regional Plan 5/3, 2005, 8,000 dunams

The Ayalon Park will be a nature park in the midst of Israel’s largest urban region. The park will cover 800 hectares (2000 acres, 8000 dunams), creating a recreation and leisure area for the population of the surrounding fourteen municipalities, and be a splendid landmark at the entrance to Tel Aviv.

The Ayalon stream will form the spine of the park, running through wet lands and a lake, which can be a recreational focus point, a water reservoir feeding the park, and a buffer against the flooding of south Tel Aviv.

The Ayalon Park is first and foremost to be a place of relaxation. The metropolis of Tel Aviv is a lively, busy, dense and dynamic place.

The park will be a place to retreat to, where one can enjoy the experience of a peaceful, open space, with the natural scenery of groves, fields and lakes.

The park will also make room for enriching activities complementing city life. The Ayalon Park will respond to the needs of a society undergoing processes of growing congestion and introversion, supplementing it with an open, breathing space. The plan was aproved June 2005.