The Hiriya Waste Landfill, Tel-Aviv Metropolitan

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The Hiriya Waste Landfill, Tel Aviv metropolitan, 2005, 400 dunams

As a natural outcome of the Ayalon Park plan, the first two regional plans prepared are the plans for the rehabilitation of the waste mountain and a recycling park to the east side of the mountain.

The Hiriya Landfill is a prominent and well-known landmark to all the residents of Israel. At present, the landfill gives the impression of neglect and grave damage to the environment. In 1998, Hiriya was finally closed to further land filling, since it was posing a real danger to aircraft landing at the nearby Ben Gurion International Airport.

The vision of the Hiriya Landfill Restoration Plan is to transform the landfill from a serious environmental hazard with an extremely negative image into the positive heart of the Ayalon Park. The Ayalon Recycling Park, located at the eastern slope of the landfill, is planned to serve the whole Dan region as a site for sanitation, recycling and waste disposal services.

The park will be instrumental in advancing public awareness of recycling in Israel, offering all visitors an interesting and educational experience.

The Hiriya Plan is worked out in collaboration between Israeli and international top design teams such as SCS Engineers who are considered world experts on landfills. The first stage of design was done with Peter Latz, a landscape architect from Germany who later won 1st prize in a competition for the final landscape design.