The Pagoda House, Tel-Aviv

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Interior Design: Andree Putman, Paris.
Client representative: Arch. Tzila Zak.
Landscaping: Vered Singer.

The Pagoda House was designed and built in 1924. It is a unique building, one of the few “dream house” style that were built in Tel Aviv and were declared by the municipality to be of the highest classification for preservation. The building is a three-story house with an added pavilion on the roof and a 500 sqm. basement newly excavated under the whole existing building. The renovation of the house technically improved most of its elements, such as: strengthening the structure, re-plastering, new wooden windows, new oak pagoda roof covered with zinc, etc. The interior design done by the Andree Putman office in Paris demanded changing a building with six apartments into one splendid private house. The project’s success is primarily due to the intensive and fruitful collaboration between all different teams. The international and local designers, project managment (by Shimon Korenfeld of Tafnit Wind), manufacturers and craftsmen from Israel and abroad (Paul Champs from Brest and Freidrich Otto Schmitt from Vienna) worked together for 5 years with very accurate definitions of duties, top professional members in all teams, good and easy flow of information and perhaps most importantly, a great respect between all members of the design team. The quality of the design, materials, details and execution are all exemplary and unique by Israeli standards and adhere to the highest quality demands in Europe today