Alin Beit Noam – Elga Campus, Ilanot Forest, Kadima

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Alin Beit Noam- Elga Campus, Ilanot forest, Kadima, 2014 (in progress) , 18,000 m2

Beit Noam is a non-profit organization that stands for human rights, dignity and social justice for people with disabilities.
The members are young adults over age 21 that have severe physical and intellectual disabilities. The majority are on wheel chairs, and may have complex communication needs.

We are in the process of planning and construction of the Elga Campus – a multifaceted campus in the Sharon region.
It will serve people with different abilities with dignity and equality. The campus will provide opportunities for meeting and interaction between people with, and people without disabilities.

The campus consists of housing for disabled as well as non-disabled students, day-care center, sports center including two swimming pools, gym, Paralympic sports hall, classrooms, administration, research wing, auditorium, art gallery, restaurant open to the public, para-medical center and challenging sports park, including climbing wall ,omega and facilities for disabled as well as non-disabled.