GGFBM, Ben Gurion University

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Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 6,000 m2

The Beer-Sheva University Business School building includes classrooms, auditorium, laboratories, and offices. The building was designed within the University master plan by architect Ada Carmi. Within a very tight budget, the School is designed to provide maximum flexibility to meet future changes, essential in any educational building. It has no internal structure thereby allowing freedom for future re-arrangements. – In the hot and arid climate of the Negev shade is essential. The building has been designed to avoid direct sun exposure to glass surfaces, to provide external shade to every room and space in working hours all year round, making it possible to look out of the windows (no blinds or curtains), open the windows (fresh air, no aircon), and work with computers anywhere in the room (efficient use of space). This low tech and low cost ecologically friendly device was planned and tested with high-tech computer technology for optimal shade location and dimensions. Shade is beautiful, friendly to the people using it and saves air conditioning.