The National Mint Building, Jerusalem

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The National Mint Building, Jerusalem, 2008, 3,000 m2

The National Mint Building was designed by a British architect, Austin Berb Harrisson, in the 1930’s. When the state of Israel took over, it went on working as a printing press until 1980. All the official documents such as the “Declaration of Independence” were printed there.
It was declared by the municipality to be of a high classification for preservation. The building was primarily industrial and its renovation has adjusted it to the modern needs of a high-tech work.

As part of the vision of Erel Marglits (Founder of JVP- A venture capital firm) of bringing young people and life back to the city, he decides to locate his offices and high-tech industry firms in this building,
converting an industrial building into a high-tech work environment, including a whole new modern electromechanical system.
The two main elevations of the building (to the Hebron rd. and to Remez st.) were for strict preservation, and were kept in their original form. Thus the life of the building faces into the two courts, where gardens, meeting places and social life take place.
The building was reinhabited at 2008.