Nautical Training Center, Tel Aviv

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Nautical Training Center, Tel Aviv, 2002, 3,000 m2

A center for rowing, canoeing and other water-sports activities, as well as for teaching the schoolchildren of Tel Aviv the basic practice and safety precautions in inland water sports. The lower floor is a boathouse and the upper floor contains clubrooms, changing rooms, fitness room, classrooms, trainers and management offices, as well as a restaurant in the prow of the ship, overlooking the river. The copper roof is designed as an overturned, beached boat with keel to the sky. The design of the building reflects a strong environmental concern. The roof projects 3 meters all around ensuring that all windows are permanently shaded. The upturned “keel” provides for sun heaters, as well as a sophisticated natural ventilation system to the interior of the building. This allows free choice for any space in the building between having natural through-ventilation or air-conditioning at any time during the year. Most users choose natural ventilation most of the time, thereby saving electricity cost and energy. Since the Yarkon River is liable to severe flooding at unpredictable intervals, the main floor is designed above worst predicted flood level, leaving the lower floor for boats with no damageable services such as electric points, and open to let the flood pass through from side to side.

The whole facility is a gift to the Tel Aviv youth in memory of Daniel Amichai, a young rower, who was killed in a traffic accident.